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“This organization is superb in their advocacy. Not once did they let down kids yet with their requests just to make them happy. Starting from the stuff toys, food, and sometimes even popular personalities they want to see, this organization always make it happen. They are also on top of their game when it comes to assisting those in need of medications. They always make sure that they are always happy so as to not anymore aggravate the existing situation. They are like Santa and the Easter Bunny rolled in one. I know because I worked for them for a short while back in 2016 before I flew out of the country. The people you are going to be with would make you feel even more fulfilled. They are very welcoming and more than that, they will also feel the want and the need to stay. The whole experience is life changing especially when you meet those with cancer.”

– Grace

“The best and the worse experience for me while volunteering for this organization is meeting with kids who have terminal illnesses. I cannot start to articulate how my heart breaks for them every single time. I cannot accept that there are kids who are given such diseases in a time when playing and running around should be what is on their mind. But it was the best thing as well because I am a part of what causes them to smile even just for a short while. We served as their elves who grants their wishes. Listening to them tell you what they want to be when they grow up gives you the inspiration to work harder. It makes you want to live the best that you can be not for yourself, but to give tribute to them. I really encourage everyone to be a part of this. I promise that you won’t regret it.”

– Lorna