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This testimonials page will give you an overview of our organization as a whole. We know that you are curious about the services that we offer here. As such, we’ll give them to you at this portion of the website. Through the questions being sent to us on a regular basis, you can know more about us. May this serve as your reference in navigating our website and getting to know us more.

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Do I need to register to get access to this page?

Registration is optional. You can go through the many pages of this website without needing to register an account. However, this is mandatory if you choose to enter the Forum page. There, registering for an account is mandatory if you wish to engage in a thread or start one. However, if you do not wish to give your comments and you simply want to just read the exchanges of others, then an account is not anymore needed.

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How to help without being a member?

You can donate in cash or in kind. This will help us greatly in continuing our advocacy and in expanding it to cover a lot more recipients. You can send goods directly to our headquarters or we can pick it up for you. For cash donations, we do not encourage people to send cash directly to us. You can send a cheque instead under the name of the company. You can send donations also to us through our PayPal account or bank transfers.

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How to volunteer?

The process is simple. All you need to do is to download the application form which you can find at the upper right-hand side corner of the landing page. Fill that up and send it back to us together with the requirements being asked of you. We’ll process it and get back to you.