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Imagine Appeal is an organization that focuses on children in hospitals. We strive to improve their lives for the better and we always see to it that their needs are met, especially for those less fortunate ones. This has been our advocacy since the 1980’s and until now, we see to it that we never falter in doing this job.

We focused on children because they are the hopes of the future. We believe that they shouldn’t be suffering from the cruelties of life at a young age. We always have this goal to keep them young and innocent as soon as possible so that they can develop their personalities the best that they can. However, this is not always the case. There are times when the children suffer because of inevitable reasons such as them having inborn diseases or the illnesses coming to them at a young age. Such caused them to be confined to medical institutions indefinitely or permanently. We want to improve their situations. We want to let them see that they are not alone and forgotten. They may not be able to play around and enjoy those intense activities, but we are willing to give them similar fun without the need to stress themselves out.

Among the activities we offer in this organization include visiting them in the hospitals to bring the necessities they need such as healthy food items, toiletries, and the medicines that they required for the treatment that they are going through. More than that, we also give them a temporary reprieve from the pain they are going through by giving them the entertainment they crave.

Being hospitalized is never easy. However, for children who have the tendency to run around and be free, this is unacceptable. As such, although we are not able to heal them, we can give them a smile even for just a short while.