Drink your way to childhood obesity


Packets of Marsdrink, Bounty in bottles and Malteser shakes. I repeat: packets of Marsdrink, Bounty in bottles and Malteser shakes. What the hell is the idea behind the production of this kind of nonsense, at a time when children are overweight?

Where child marketing is curbed, manufacturers may apparently freely sell this kind of junk – believe me, it is not to drink. The manufacturer even dared to put ‘refuel’ on the Mars package. Refuel what? Do you refuel your fat stocks? Refuel the energy you just used up while sitting on your butt behind your game console?

Why do we want things that we don’t (need to) want?

I sometimes tend to exaggerate, but those liquid candy bars are representative of what’s wrong with this current consumer society. A need is created that is not there, everyone wants it for indefinable reason and it is damn bad for you too.

Because is there anyone who has ever thought – apart from the one who developed the product: “Gosh, what do I want in a Mars in liquid form”?

No of course not!

It should be banned or banned anyway!

I hope that these types of products will be banned from the market very quickly. Either because all consumers spontaneously come to their positive and realize what ridiculous products these are; or because there is a strict and consistently applied code from the government that prohibits the sale of this type of product, aimed at children.

To be honest, I am not in favor of prohibitions and government regulation and a very strong advocate of freedom of choice.

However, apparently producers are unable to assume any social responsibility.

In anticipation of what is to come, I have already come up with a slogan to reduce sales. “Kids, drink your way to childhood obesity. Because chewing would be too much exercise ”.