Helping the Hopes of Our Future

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Our children create a better future for us. However, they are often hampered by a variety of factors that hold them back from being the best that they can be. Such factors include illnesses that often confined them in bed. Although such is something that we do not want to happen especially to ourselves, there are still children who are unlucky enough to suffer from these mishaps. They become confined in beds due to the illnesses they suffer from. Unlike other children who can freely do the things they want to do, these children are bound in their beds.

Imagine is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping those children who are confined to hospitals to improve their lives. We are also children ones too. This is why we should be first to know how hard it is to be restricted when it comes to our movements. They cannot play outside and do anything that children do nowadays. They cannot socialize with other children outside of their garage door in Denver. They cannot have all the fun they want and most of all, they miss out entirely on their childhood. The latter is the most crucial since this helps develop the personality of your child.

What the organization does is to give them a little amount of happiness during our visit. We come to different hospitals and with us are toys and little tokens that are guaranteed to give them a reprieve from the constant feeling of pain they are suffering from. We know that what we bring to them cannot physically and literally help them, but nonetheless, it heals the soul. It brings smiles to their faces even for a short while. Other commodities that we bring to these kids include also all basic necessities possible like a set of toiletries, items of healthy food, water, clothing pieces, and medicine. The last thing we want these kids to feel is that they are left behind and forgotten.

We know how clinical a hospital room so we want as much as possible to bring colors to their lives. This may not be much, but still, through the efforts of volunteers and our partner organizations, we are now in the midst of expanding our reach. We do not anymore cater to just a handful of hospitals that offer childcare. Now, we are already reaching out to some places outside the United States for our advocacy.

What else do we offer these kids? Simple. We make sure that they are not going to suffer for long if not anymore necessary. We aim to find a solution to their medical condition and research for a cure. More than that, through our partners, we are also able to donate medical machineries they need in order for our children to have the best possibles medical services they need. We extend such help to their families as we give them our full support anytime they need it.

Call us anytime and let us assist you in helping children have a brighter future.